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Where all love is valid and beautiful

Art Lives Here
Your album is more than a collection of images, it's a celebration of a time in your life. We facilitate in that celebration, in its permanence in digital & printed media, and in its presentation to you and those you love.  The driving force behind our process is something we call "maximum emotional impact". 

Grey Fox Studio 1.0 was an experimental studio pop-up designed to test these experiences on a small scale.  Coming in September of 2021, Grey Fox Studio 2.0 will feature a larger studio space, wheelchair accessibility, gallery style album introductions, and incredible potential for creative expression. It's going to be AWESOME.

It's been a crazy journey so far, and I'll be doing a full blog post on it soon. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest!

We're gonna love your love

There's magic in every story. That's what I've learned over the years, and it's what keeps me coming back to wedding photography

I'm Bobby Foxx 

Find out more about me here


Greyfox is a low volume bridal photography studio.  This means we choose quality experiences and connections over volume. Studios like ours just have more time for our clients, and that makes a difference.  You can always reach me with a question or idea, and I like to call my clients from time to time just to check in. This might sound crazy, but we're going to be friends.  I'm coming to your wedding, after all.

What's more, Greyfox is about 80% queer. I'll have a better idea once I start putting together my vendors and second shooters page, but definitely queer owned and super gay over here at Greyfox. 


All races, all sexual orientations and identities, all religions and nationalities: 


You are loved, and your love is VALID


At Grey Fox we believe in transparency and in giving our clients everything we've got.

We showcase our absolutely massive albums in full here on our website. We send the best of the best, and we send everything else too, because they're your memories. We want you to have them all.

Your love is unique.  Every love is a surprise, a celebration. Some love is weird, some love is majestic.  Some love is old and new at the same time. 


I want you to know that your love is safe, and that it's safe to celebrate it with me, and with my team. We love a good tearjerker and we'll probably cry at your last dance and laugh at your toasts.   

A big part of what we do is simply appreciate your love, and show you that it's safe to show it. That's how we get the best shots and help you find the magic within.


The rest is technical photography skills and years of experience.  And an eye for light. Gear helps. But it's really relationship building, trust, and a sense of adventure that make our shoots amazing.


I don't know HOW OR whY, but we get the coolEST cOUPLES

Seriously, I don't know how we do it. We get to shoot the coolest weddings for the coolest people in the coolest places.



Here, check out a few of our faves

Prepare to be astonished by these absolutely massive albums





Let's connect

4300 NE 17th terrace

Gainesville, Florida

Tel: 352-222-8670


Getting in touch is easy!  Just fill out this form:


"A great album can transport you to a time and place in your life. That's what we do: we create a window that allows you to come back whenever you want to, and this process turns memories into art."

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